Learn - A growth accelerator for entrepreneur talent to break into social sustainable product engineering.

An open fellowship for the global citizens of Serenity.

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We start with a community integration process,designed to test for moral  fundamentals, language, communication skills and an intense eagerness to learn and develop solutions for problems of scale which can help humanity to grow.

Fellowship #Learn

Learn fellows deep dive into advanced problem solving skills, real global initiatives and  international best practices. You get paired up with engineering mentors from around the world, contribute to popular open source projects and learn the essential skills required to be an effective product developer.

Open Source #LearnAlum

Work from home, contribute to solutions, all around the globe. Get ready for the brave new world, where you choose to work for your principles rather than work choosing you. Go Open Source!

Financial Applications - Development Courses

Develop applications on products such as Apache fineract, Finscale, Serenity DaO. Work  with mature platforms with open APIs that provide a reliable, robust, and affordable open banking solution for financial industry.Social inclusion begins with delivering financial services to the world’s 2 billion underbanked and unbanked. 

Alternative Economic Application Development Courses

Be your bank. Discover and deliver blockchain use cases. Bitcoin is the best example which uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority. Managing transactions and the issuing of bitcoins is carried out collectively by the network. Bitcoin is open-source; its design is public, nobody owns or controls Bitcoin.

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Climate Change and Global Health

Develop applications and break existing barriers. Open source is the mainstream approach towards solving key crises such as pandemics and CO2 footprint on the planet. Learn how to work with open communities. Reach next mile and mark your advent. 

Global Learn Fellowship

Be Product Ready

3 months program throughout the year 

Capstone Project 
Working with open source projects
Economic Aspects of OSS
Fintech Industry
Artificial Intelligence
Using cryptography for privacy
Understand security aspects  
Build for Global population
Learn Open Source Contribution

Build wallets 
Alternative Economic Principles
Smart Contracts and World

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Develop products for Open World

6 months program: Summer & Winter Batch

Capstone Project 
Global Theories and Sets
 Climate Change and Health
Work and Implement Open Source 
Deliver a working application
Build for Global population
Make Open Source Contributions
Change based application development
Listening to users
Building platforms and integration

Open Source 
Build communities 
Economic Principles
Handling Data Analytics
Building Business Out of OSS 

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General questions
This program trains you for a new economic order, creating on open source products while working on two different polarities such as traditional finance and alternative finance. Thus mixing both.
Anyone can join this program as long as there is nothing holding you back.
This is completely free program for students. We encourage you and others to donate time/money for mentors.
You need to be able to learn how to use a computer.You should have some soft skills with an eagerness to learn and apply that knowledge for building social sustainable businesses.
Build your tribe, share what you have learned and build a talent pool around you..
As of now, Foundation is not paying mentors. Mentors are generally global citizens of Serenity, who are voluntarily organised. But there are other benefits mentoring in learn program. Your students can strongly contribute and help in your open source projects/initiatives. You create a community that identifies use cases and propel your open source project.
So, you can teach , anything which can be hosted on github, run as a small community, make students learn and grow , allow students to work from remote, data science, marketing , design anything etc.
There are a number of reasons why you should join us. This is a global program so you can imagine impact. There is currently a talent deficit and skill gap in working methodologies and how our industries have been operating. We wish to bring a change in attitude with this community. You get to train students online on projects, which benefit everyone and create a pool of talent which you can use on your further endeavours, experiments or existing project.
You can join Learn as a part time. Learn Program is really simple and it's online.
We are focusing on Data security, Financial Sovereignty , Climate change, Health and Data Science.

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